Double Fun! Now you can access both Stride Academy and Kid’s College!

We have the best customers. And to show you our eternal appreciation, we have seamlessly integrated the brand-new Stride Academy learning platform to work with your current Kid’s College account!

Double the fun all summer long!
Dual access to the adaptive learning program you already know and love, and the amazing new gaming experience that you have to see is now available, using your current KC login codes.

Stride Academy has SIX brand-new games for students: Fruit Fly, Lunch Bug, The Eraser, and completely revamped football, soccer and snowboarding sports games! Play them on iPad, PC and Mac!

Your students can learn and play in Stride Academy as much as they like (and they can revisit Kid’s College whenever they wish!).

Go to to begin! There, you will see an invitation to get started immediately, learning and playing in Stride Academy. Be sure to read through the introduction to Stride Academy, for a quick tutorial on what you’re about to experience. Once you have a grasp on what’s new, head on over to and use your current Student IDs or KCC codes to log right in!

(We’re sure you’ll want to bookmark for future reference.)

Visit your LTS Customer Support Gallery at to find FAQs about Stride Academy, as well as detailed Quick Start Guides for students in Pre-K through Grade 5, or students in Grades 6-11. Just look under the new “Stride Academy Resources” section!

Questions? LTS Customer Support is always happy to help!
Call our team at 1.866.552.9192, ext. 2, or email

Now, Stride Forward!


The LTS Team

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